Customer comments

What people are saying about the Shakti Mat

"I hear a lot of positive feedback about the Shakti Mat, like: the second best invention after the wheel, positively addictive, better sleep, have found an inner calm, etc."

Ulv - Två Gröna Bönor, Hudiksvall

"The Shakti Mat is the best thing that has happened to me! The best buy ever, it is fantastic! Great! All my friends and acquaintances have tried the Shakti Mat and, they love it and want one of their own. Thank you so much for being here and supplying all these wonderful mats so everyone can have the opportunity of owning one!"

Carolina Frisk

"I have been working as a teacher of active relaxation and meditation for many years. When I first found the Shakti Mat, it instantly appealed to me. I get into a deeply relaxed state of being after 20 minutes, and I then feel the tingling sensation in my shoulders and arms where my tensions used to be. I bought a couple of mats to allow my course participants try it out and, after two test sessions, 75% of the participants bought their own mats, and it took off from there. It is a true joy to sell this product because it literally sells itself, and I keep selling more and more."

Marie Levin

"I started using my Shakti Mat bed of nails in January, 2008 and have been lying, sitting, and standing on it literally every day since then. After having practiced Kundalini Yoga for 15 years, I can say that my yoga has reached new heights since I started using my Shakti Mat in my morning session. I use my Shakti Mat for my long rest, and it has given my practice a new dimension. I feel fantastic."

Göran Boll, Institutet för Medicinsk Yoga

"I think back to the old iron beds of nails used way back. They were used and did help then, so why should it not work today! I have been using my Shakti Mat for 8 months. It has become a comfortable evening routine before the lights are switched off. The points differ in sharpness depending upon how my day has been, and they clearly tell me about the day’s level of stress and hurry. A nice feeling of warmth spreads after a few minutes. I tend to fall asleep on the Shakti Mat and wake up after 30-60 minutes. When I travel, I always bring my bed of nails."

Maret Moks, yoga teacher, age 80

"I have had a Shakti Mat for about 5 months. I have found a routine that I really like a lot. In the evening, I lie on my mat without any clothes on in bed. It hurts a little at first, but after a few minutes I feel a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Before I fall asleep I roll up the Shakti Mat and place it on the floor. I fall quickly asleep. Nowadays, I have a deeper, more restful sleep since I started using the Shakti Mat, and I feel more rested in the morning. When I wake up, I sit on the end of the bed, place my feet on the mat, and carefully allow my whole body weigh down on the points on the mat. It hurts more than lying on my back on it, but I have gotten used to this way, too. I then stretch my arms up above my head, clasp my hands with the index fingers pointing up, and do some Fire Breathing for a few minutes while tracing the flow of energy from my soles up through the body and out through the index fingers. This routine refreshes me quickly, and afterwards, I notice how mindfully aware the soles of my feet have become. The feeling of real groundedness normally lasts for several hours."

Margus Mägi

"The Shakti Mat helps me enjoy a wonderful sleep and dissolves my tensions. I usually roll up a towel under the top part of the mat so that the points can reach my neck properly. Apart from that, it is very comfortable and addictive. My son, who is in his last year of upper secondary school, uses the mat daily after school as stress prevention."

Monica Hägerstrand-Selander, farmanom (chemist)

"I use it for the purpose of relaxation. After a while, I feel my back getting warm, and I also detect the pulsating sensations. I often fall asleep on my Shakti Mat, and when I wake up after a while, I feel perky. Many modalities focus on the transition from pain to well-being. It is interesting and really works well."

Dennis ”The Great Long-Distance Runner” Eriksson

"The Shakti Mat has helped me a lot in my sports training in running. Nowadays, I always bring the mat to competitions. The mat is an excellent tool after a hard workout. I use the Shakti Mat, and after a few moments of deep breathing, I fall alsleep."

Anders Hallberg, long distance runner 5000-10 000

"The bed of nails is the perfect finish for the day. I lie on it every night for 1 1/2 hours. I always fall asleep on it! My in-laws use it regularly, too."

Ann-Catrin Eriksson, cook

Maj-Len Ahlman:
"I use it when I get home from work, all tired out. Then I wake up after a while and feel re-energized."

Lisbet Norrgård:
"Same here. I used to throw myself on the couch when I got home from work, and the rest of the day would then be ruined. But now when I lie on the mat, I wake up full of energy."

Kitchen staff

Kristina Holmes-Bergman, secretary:
"The bed of nails is really comfortable, and I usually fall asleep on it. I always sleep well after having used it and feel refreshed the day after."

Eva-Lisa Söderström, receptionist: "It is starting to become a “must have” for me, as it helps me to relax. I usually use it on different parts of my body depending on where I feel tense and sore. It is also very nice to stand on, and my 2 1/2 year old grandchild joins in."

Sanna Nylund, nurse: "I don't have any particular aches or pains, but when I lie on the mat, I enter a deep state of relaxation really easily."

Maria King-Bäck, radiology nurse:
"After 10 minutes on the mat, I sleep soundly. Then I wake up after an hour and remove the mat. It gives wonderful relaxation to the muscles. When I lie on the Shakti Mat, I am allowed to be left in peace, which is a pleasant rarity. It is precious time that, as a mother, I don't otherwise get."

Mona Karlsson, radiology nurse:
"I fall asleep on the mat every night. It is the nicest thing ever, and I can't go a day without it! To get more energy, I use it for a short while. The whole family uses it, too."

Anne-Lisa Niemi, radiology nurse:
"I am really pleased and use it every night! I remove it after a while and then sleep soundly."

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