Our charity project

The most holy city of India, Varanasi

Our charity project in Varanasi

Shakti International AB, the manufacturer and owner of the Shakti Mat, runs a tempel factory of our own in India. This is our way to make a difference and help people to a better life. The factory is built according to the Indian Vastu Shastra (from which Feng Shui origins), to bring harmony to the building. Our aim is to create as good working conditions as possible in harmony with local traditions and religion. We have only women employed, because they have often have difficulties to find a work that can be combined with their responsibility for their own household. We are perceptive to our worker's desires and needs, e.g.:

• Working hours between 09.00 - 17.00, six days a week
• Right to be free from work to celebrate local feasts and weddings
(which is common during certain times of the year)
• One free meal a day, cooked by the factory's chef.
• Free health care when needed.
• Sick pay

Tempelfabriken är byggd enligt Vastu Shastra

Shaktimattan skapas i medvetenhet och medkänsla

In addition to the good working conditions we use at the factory, we now and then offer the possibility for the factory workers and people from nearby villages to see a doctor for free. These days six doctors with competence within different areas come to the factory and anyone is welcome.

Kvinnorna vid fabriken har bra arbetsförhållanden

We are very proud of all things that already has been done within the project, and we aim to develop this charity furthermore. We hope and trust that the Shakti Mat's popularity will persist and increase, which is essential for improving the project. You are welcome to contact Shakti International AB if you are interested in supporting the Varanasi project.