The World of Shakti

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Shakti International AB is the Swedish company that designed, owns and manufactures the Shakti Mat. The Shakti Mat is the original that started the trend of textile nail mats. It is now well known throughout the world with millions of users.

Our history

Yogi Om Mokshananda, was brought up in Hudiksvall, Sweden, and has spent most of his grown up time in Himalaya and India, practicing yoga and learning the eastern ayur veda (Veda) science. Out of his knowledge he
has given a new design to an ancient tool by combining the best of already
existing things! To effective acupressure points he carefully chose highly valued ayur vedic symbols and named the mat from the Goddess Shakti,
who stands for humble, caring and female power!

The success!

• In 2007: The Shakti Mat was born.
• In 2008: The Shakti Mat turns from having some euphoric users to become a move- ment among the Swedish people!
• In 2009: The success is a fact! More than 10% of the Swedish population own a nail mat (spike mat) and the Shaktitm Mat is chosen both as "the product of the summer, 2009" and "the Christmas gift of 2009".
• In 2010: Shakti Mat reaches out through the whole world! As "The mother" to all copies it is flattering to see that the Shakti Mat has inspired a whole world to take
advantage of the effects from nail mats!

Our Charity

We believe that the world can be a better place if everyone cares a bit more. Therefore we choose organic cotton for all our mats and manufacturers with environmental care. This is important for us. To make some further change we have started our own project - a temple factory in the holy city of Varanasi - where only women work and we can support with good working conditions,
meals and health care.

The typical Shakti user does not exist!

Today all kinds of people find the Shakti Mat useful for different causes. All situations where acupressure and/or increased circulation can be a benefit is an occasion. You find users among people with problems as well as those practicing sports, different professions, it is used for retaining deep relaxation, counteract stress or just for wellbeing - everyone finds their own reason to use the Shakti Mat.


The Shakti Mat - the trendsetter

As the precursor and The Original, "The Shakti Mat" has become an expression for nail mats in general. This gives us a position that many brands can only dream of! The Shakti Mat is and will be "the mat that started the boom". Copies will come and go. They will be cheaper or more expensive, but a real Shakti Mat will always be worth its price.

A popular product

As a result of the Shakti Mat's huge popularity, there are many copies existing today, in different shapes with various quality and effects. You recognize a real Shakti Mat by:
• 100% organic cotton.
• No harmful chemicals in dying.
• Discs made of first class ABS non toxic plastic for perfection
and optimal sharpness.
• High quality foam.
• Quality printing on name and symbols.
• Detailed brochure with information and instructions.
• The Original Shakti Mat has 6000 points. Our Shakti Light has 8.000 points, and the Shakti Advanced has only 4.000 points.
The less points the tougher pressure on each point!
The Shakti Eco is brought to a higher level with its 6.000
biodegradable points.
• Specially selected retailers.

Research and studies

Since all research is very time consuming (it takes about 1-2 years to make a study) there isn't very many studies on nail mats completed so far. However, those made has shown increased circuclation and cutting pain tops as advantages. To this we can add all euphoric users that wants to testify the changes the Shakti Mat has brought to their lives. We feel confident with this and a deep reason to work for providing more people to get the opportunity to discover the Shakti Mat!


Have you discovered the power of ShaktiTM?
Do you share our values?
Welcome to join the ShaktiTM family!